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Davis Advocates for Neighborhood Groceries

Westlake Plaza Shopping Center

Neighborhood groceries provide more than easy access to food

Davis prides itself on being a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly town. But this has not happened by accident. Millions of dollars have been spent over the years on the city's impressive network of bike lanes and pedestrian paths, and local zoning laws called for an orderly development that included neighborhood shopping centers to promote walking and riding, rather than driving.

In recent years, however, some poor planning decisions resulted in a proliferation of larger markets at the expense of smaller neighborhood stores. The Davis Manor shopping center grocery store in East Davis went dark, followed in 2006 by the grocery store at the Westlake Plaza Shopping Center in West Davis.

In response, broadbased coaltion of neighborhood residents, business people and others formed a non-profit group, Davis Advocates for Neighborhood Groceries (DANG). The group believes not enough has been done to locate a full-service market at Westlake Plaza to serve the more than 11,000 people who live west of Highway 113, as well as other neighborhood shopping centers. The group believes a full-service grocery store is an essential anchor to any neighborhood shopping center, and that a thriving shopping center is an important community resource.

For more information about Davis Advocates for Neighborhood Groceries or to help with various DANG activities, call Carolyn Hinshaw at (530) 757-2830 or e-mail .

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