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Davis City Council Elections, 1917-2000 (with updates from 2002 to the present)

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Pdf files of John Lofland's 2001 booklet with the above title. The contents include four tables showing who ran and the results of City Council elections from the first in 1917 through 2000. Thirty-two pages long, there are several pages of commentary on trends and photographs of many Councils. A fifth and open-ended table inserted below after Table 4 on page 9 extends results from 2002 to the present.

page 1, Cover, Davis City Council Elections
features photos of the 1938-40 City Council, the first known set of council photos.
page 2, inside front cover
includes a photograph of the 1978-79 Bob Black Council
pages 3-5, table of contents, introduction
page 6, Table 1, Election Results, 1917-1938
pages 7 & 8, Tables 2 and 3, Election Results, 1940-58 and 1960-78
page 9, Table 4, Election Results, 1980-2000
In the booklet, page 10 is, by design, blank.
POST-BOOKLET PUBLICATION UPDATES: Table 5, Election Results 2002 to the Present
pages 11-12, Index of all candidates for city council, 1917-2000
This is an index of ALL candidates, not simply those who were elected
pages 13-22, Interpretative comments
A series of generalizations about how Council elections have changed over time.
pages 23-30, Photos of Councils
The rear wall of the Council Chamber in the Davis City Hall has a gallery of many photos of members of the Council. All the pictures on that wall as of 2000 are reproduced here (or elsewhere in this booklet).
page 31, inside back cover
The inside back cover has a photo showing several candidates for Council at a campus forum. From left to right in the photo these are Tom Underwood, Cynthia Thanos, Sandy Motley, Jerry Adler, Richard Farrell, Tansey Thomas, and Bill Kopper.
page 32, back cover
The back cover has reproductions of two of the "gag" photos council members take of themselves at the time of posing for the "official" photo. For unknown reasons, two of these "secret" photos turned up in an archives file at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis. These two are of the "Skinner Council" and the "Adler Council."

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