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You are here: Home 2.4. Restarting Davis, 1905-16 Davisville 1905: The Year the Town Woke Up, An Exhibit by John Lofland & Jim Becket
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Davisville 1905: The Year the Town Woke Up, An Exhibit by John Lofland & Jim Becket

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Seeking to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the University of California "State Farm" coming to Davis(ville), in 2005 John Lofland and Jim Becket constructed an exhibit on 1905 activities related to that event. It was shown at the Hattie Weber Museum the fall of 2005 and at UCD Shields Library the Spring of 2006. The first pdf file below is an overview of the 16 topics of the exhibit. It provides photographs of the exhibit as it was mounted on three, two-sided three by seven foot display panels. The sixteen pdf files following the overview contain reproductions of the 74 laminated placards making up the sixteen topics of the exhibit.

Photographs of the exhibit as mounted on six sides of three three-by-seven feet display stands. The 74 placards making up the exhibit are numbered 1 though 74.
1. What This Exhibit Is About
Seven placards, numbers 1 though 7.
2. Peter Shields' State Farm Passion
Eight placards, numbers 8 through 15.
3. The State Farm Bill
Five placards, numbers 16 through 20.
4. George W. Pierce's Passion
Four placards, numbers 21 though 24.
5. Martin Sparks & Pierce
Four placards, numers 25 through 28.
6. March 30, Davisville Stirs
Three placards, numbers 29 through 31.
7. The State Farm Promotion Committee
Six placards, numbers 32 though 37.
8. Chamber of Commerce Forms
Six placards, numbers 38 through 43.
9. The Commission Visits Yolo County
Three placards, numbers 44 through 46.
10. The Campaign, May-December
Five placards, numbers 47 through 51.
11. The Women's Improvement Club
Five placards, numbers 52 through 56.
12. The Chief Booster: Scott
Six placards, numbers 57 through 62.
13. The Decision Drags On
Three placards, numbers 63 through 66.
14. Section Commission Punts
Four placards, numbers 67 through 70.
15. Wickson Inspects Yolo County Sites
Two placards, numbers 71 and 72.
16. 1905 Ends; 1906 Portends & Contributors and Acknowledgements
Two placards, numbers 73 and 74.

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