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Information for Site Coordinators and Teachers

We've put together a list of helpful websites and documents ...

Classroom Materials and Materials for Everyone

In years past, the US Fund for UNICEF has assembled great teaching materials that can be used in the classroom, including fact sheets written at a level that everyone can understand about UNICEF and as well as information that can be incorporated into classrooms that is specifically designed to meet national content standards--about things like what it means to be a global citizen, what are basic human rights, and links to literature.  We are not certain that the information will be forthcoming this year.  We'll update you when we know more.  See also

Site Coordinator Guidelines and Schedule

Here are some guidelines and a sample schedule of how you might organize the event in your school. 

Sample Permission Form

Some schools like to send home permission slips.  If your school is one of those, here is a sample of a permission form that can be tailored for your needs.

Where to Order Supplies

You need to order boxes for your school site.  You can order them online




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