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New Year-Round UNICEF Curriculum

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is about Kids Helping Kids—not just during Halloween season, but all year long. In that spirit, US Fund for UNICEF developed lesson plans that will reconnect children to the work of UNICEF and inspire them to help others in need around the world. 

And for a limited time, US Fund for UNICEF is offering a free gift to educators who teach the lesson and share their students’ ideas about helping others.

UNICEF’s mission can be summed up in one word: ZERO. Every day, 19,000 children die of preventable causes like pneumonia, diarrhea, and malnutrition. Many die because they simply do not have access to the vaccines, medicines, and basic necessities that could save their lives. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF believes in a world where ZERO children die of things we can prevent and is committed to doing whatever it takes to make this vision a reality.

In the lesson “What’s Your ZERO?” children explore what it takes to make seemingly impossible ideas possible. They learn about the work of UNICEF and identify problems that they would like to address in their community, nation, or on a global level. Please consider helping the US Fund for UNICEF to introduce the idea of ZERO to the young people in your life by teaching “What’s Your ZERO?” or by sharing it with your child’s school. Send copies of children’s work reflecting their vision of ZERO to, and we’ll send you an inspirational Believe in ZERO poster for your child’s school or classroom.

The lesson also encourages children to write an essay or poem or create a short video or piece of art that answers the question, “What is your ZERO?” We’d be thrilled to see children’s responses to this question and learn about their vision for a world without poverty, hunger, or whatever problem most concerns them.

Thank you for supporting UNICEF!


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