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Sample Site Coordinator Schedule: 2016

ORDERING MATERIALS: Week of September 5 or ASAP

  • Contact principal and PTA. Provide information and ask for support. TELL THEM THAT THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALS IS A Trick or Treat for UNICEF PARTNER. Ask to show a video during a PTA or staff meeting.
  • Order collection boxes and free teacher packets from the US Fund for UNICEF or 800.4UNICEF (Do this early—boxes take up to 2 weeks to arrive!)



  • Distribute reproducible teacher letter and free curriculum to every teacher.  These can be downloaded from  Encourage teachers to do a lesson or day related to UNICEF and the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF drive.
  • Check on deadline for submitting materials to school newsletter, PTA newsletter, or website.
  • Have “UNICEF Ambassadors” or other students make posters to display in hallways/classrooms.
  • Have “UNICEF Ambassadors” or other students write letters to the Davis Enterprise about their school’s efforts or encouraging residents to look out for UNICEF trick-or-treators.



  • Include brief article and reproducible parent letter/permission slip in school newsletter.
  • Collect and count permission slips, write names on boxes, and distribute boxes to classrooms. (Some schools distribute the boxes without permission slips, and have found that this increases participation.)


COLLECT BOXES AND DEPOSIT DONATIONS: November 1 and following weeks

  • United Nations Association, Davis keeps a UNICEF account at First Northern Bank:

         434 Second Street (corner 2nd and D Streets, Davis)

         Davis, CA 95616


  • Collect boxes from school office. Empty coins into a container (the bank has a coin counting machine), count bills and checks.
  • Please make copies of any checks, so that we can send thank-you notes.
  • Call First Northern Bank to schedule an appointment for coin-counting (758-7500).
  • Deposit money in the UNICEF account at First Northern. YOU WILL NEED THE ACCOUNT NUMBER: 03324758. Leave deposit slip at the bank for treasurer Verena Borton. Be sure to write the name of your school on the deposit slip; also make a note of the amount for your own records.


FOLLOW-UP: Week of November 10 or thereafter

  • Collect any additional boxes that trickled in and deposit money in bank. Leave the deposit slip at the bank.
  • Put thank-you in your school newsletter--letting the school community know how much they collected and thanking them for their participation.
  • Distribute certificates or stickers (in resources packet) to participating students (optional).
  • If you are not able to be site coordinator next year, PLEASE identify someone to take over the job and give that person’s name and phone number to Jennifer Holman,, or Kristen Weeks-Norton,



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