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2021 Davis Chinese Association Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2021 DCA Scholarship Recipients!

The Davis Chinese Association is proud to announce our 2021 Scholarship Recipients!
Many thanks to our hard-working Scholarship Committee for taking the time to carefully review the many excellent students who applied this year. 

2021 DCA Scholarship Recipients:

*  Davis Chinese Association Scholarship - Alexander Di
*  Shang Fa Yang Memorial Scholarship - David Yang
*  Ying Yung Tsao Memorial Scholarship - Riley Liu
*  Annie Tsao Van Memorial Scholarship - Renee Xiang
*  Leslie Chin Memorial Scholarship - Kaitlyn Jade Osborne
*  Gregory Chin Memorial Scholarship - Maya Zingaro

Many thanks to our generous donors for sponsoring these generous scholarships.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation to our Davis Chinese Scholarship Endowment Fund so we may continue to recognize these remarkable students.

Davis Chinese Association Scholarship Committee: Ching-Ju Liao - Committee Chair
Committee Members:  Linda Tsao Yang, Albert Yang, Pam Taheri, Ying Fang, Terry Leung, and Frances Leung

Davis Chinese Association officers:
Frances Leung and Jean Zhou - Co-Presidents
Ying Fang and Ping Zhou - Co-Vice Presidents
Yi Sun and Zhemin Liao - Co-Treasurers
Ning Wan and Alan Wei - Co-Secretaries

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