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Davis Chinese Association honors 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Davis Chinese Association honored 2019 Scholarship Recipients on May 18, 2019.

Davis Chinese Association members, friends and family gathered to celebrate the 2019 Scholarship Recipients during a reception at International House on May 18, 2019.

Scholarship recipients had an opportunity to express their gratitude towards their families and to the DCA for their awards and achievements. Many demonstrated their talents during the reception.

Many thanks to our hardworking DCA Scholarship Committee for selecting these outstanding students:
Ching-Ju Liao, Ying Fang, Albert Yang, Tracy Louie, and Linda Tsao Yang.

Many thanks to our dedicated DCA Board members for organizing a wonderful celebration:
Jean Zhou, Frances Leung, Yi Sun, Zheming Liao, Ying Fang, Ping Zhou, Ning Wan and Alan Wei.

Congratulations again to our 2019 Davis Chinese Association Scholarship Recipients:
Davis Chinese Association Scholarship - Jerry Zhengrui Guo
Annie Tsao Van Memorial Scholarship - Kenneth Jiatao Wang
Wen-Tze and Pai-Yeu Hwang Memorial Scholarship - Jerry Chen
Ying Yung Tsao Memorial Scholarship - Hannah Wu Lu
Shang Fa Yang Memorial Scholarship - Rebecca Isabelle Chin
Leslie Chin Memorial Scholarship - Erin A. Rairdan
Gregory Chin Memorial Scholarship - Aaron Xiang

Pictured from left to right: Jerry Chen, Kenneth Jiatao Wang, Hannah Wu Lu, Aaron Xiang, Jerry Zhengrui Guo (absent Rebecca Isabelle Chin, Erin A. Rairdan).

Thank you to our generous donors of our Scholarship Endowment Fund and Memorial Scholarships who make our scholarship program possible!

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