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Join the Email List

Join the orchestra email list to stay informed on upcoming news and events

About the DHS Orchestras Email List

This email list is for communication between the Orchestra Directo, Angelo Moreno, students participating in the DHS Orchestras, and their parents and guardians. The list also serves as the prefered method of communication between the DHS Parent Booster Committee of the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association (DSOMA), whose members are families and community supporters of the DHS Orchestra classes.

  • Click here to send a message. All messages sent to the Email List will be moderated.
The music director and/or list administrator reserve(s) the right to unsubscribe users for administrative and other reasons and to change the technical configuration of this email list.

Orchestra Alumni

Graduating Seniors and Orchestra Students from previous years are encouraged to join the Orchestra Alumni email list. Keep up to date on orchestra events, the latest news (and maybe reunions?).  This list will not have the day-to-day message of the regular list but will have big event reminders and other announcements.

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