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Passports for the 2017 British Columia/Victoria Trip

Passports for the British Columia/Victoria Trip in May of next year can be purchased on the UC Davis campus through the business office in the ARC. Google "uc davis business office- passports" and you will see all the information you need. Appointments are required so don't just show up and expect to start the process. Paperwork completed ahead of time is also required. The website explains all of those details. Pricing varies depending on whether you want to purchase a passport book or passport card. Books are $110 adult, $30 children; cards are $80 adult and $15 children. Each is good for 10 years. Books give you most flexibiity. Passport cards limit a traveler to land and sea entry into another country. You could therefore get by with a passport card for this trip since we will be driving into Canada once we fly to Washington. 

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