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A Celebration of Music--April 7, 2019 at Mondavi Center, UC Davis

The Celebration of Music Festival provides an annual opportunity for orchestral musicians from Davis public schools celebrate their musical achievement with our community. Musicians from Sixth through Twelfth grade perform in the world-class performance venue of the Mondavi Center for Performing Arts, at UC Davis.

This annual concert draws community leaders, public school officials, and private music teachers who support the music program in the Davis schools. Without the support of these citizens, our program would not be the caliber it is today. With the size of this venue, we are able to provide the entire community an opportunity to see what the students of Davis have achieved.


2018 Wennberg Festival



This year this community concert features the the Emerson-DaVinci-Harper Jr. High Orchestras (7th through 9th graders), directed by Greg Brucker; the Emerson/Da Vinci Harper and Holmes Choirs, directed by Arielle Deem; the orchestra students of Susan Lamb Cook; and the Elementary All City Strings Orchestra (Sixth graders selected students from all of Davis’ public elementary schools) directed by Kimberly Cole Feeney.



The mission of the Festival is three-fold:

  • To support music program development in the Davis schools;
  • To foster the integration of music training resources in our community;
  • To support community efforts which enrich the cultural soul of Davis.

Proceeds from A Celebration of Music fund various needs of the Davis Joint Unified School District’s strings and orchestral program: Strings and upkeep of school owned instruments throughout the district; master classes; scholarships for participation in field trips; adjudication for seating auditions and the numerous other needs of running a program of this caliber.





    "The elementary musicians sounded like high school performers, the junior high students sounded like college musicians, and the high school students sounded professional!"

    Delaine Eastin
    Former CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction and
    2009 Wennberg Festival Master of Ceremonies

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