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Field Trips

Field trips are the ultimate in education and fun for the orchestra students. The synergy created around these events helps unite the students as a team. The more they know each other, the more their musicianship improves. For many, live performances are rare. These young musicians learn about appropriate attire for performances, and also how to be a respectful audience member. Also, on field trips, they get a chance to meet others who play different instruments, and are not necessarily surrounded by the same students they sit with in class.

Both the junior and senior high have a tradition of

  • attending performances of musical groups
  • attending workshops offered by musicians
  • inviting performers to class
  • performing outreach concerts to elementary schools
  • performing the Wennberg Concert at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
  • performing in locations outside of the Davis Joint Unified School District
  • accepting invitations to perform in adjudicated events

Whether traveling across town with a parent driver, traveling by bus, or even by airplane, we want to assist, as best we can, all students in having an opportunity to participate. With your financial contribution, and fund raising efforts in both the junior and senior high schools, we aim to reduce the cost of each trip.

We welcome parent/guardian support in driving or chaperoning a trip, or helping to sponsor a student who is unable to afford the cost.

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