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A Celebration of Music

Our Annual Student Concert at Mondavi Center, UC Davis

A Celebration of Music provides an opportunity for musicians from Davis public schools to showcase their musical achievement to our community with a performance at the world-class Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at UC Davis.  Proceeds from the concert go to the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association, which supports the activities and outreach efforts of the orchestral program as well as purchase and maintenance of instruments used by students districtwide. 

This year's concert will feature the Emerson-Da Vinci-Harper Jr. High Orchestras (7th-9th grade students) conducted by Greg Brucker, the Emerson-Da Vinci-Harper and Holmes Jr. High Choir (7th-9th grade students) conducted by Arielle Deem, the Elementary All City Strings Orchestra (6th grade students) conducted by Kimberly Cole Feeney with guest performances by the Chamber Music Students of Susan Lamb Cook. 

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