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Win a FREE Ticket! Attend Sept 15 meeting to Choose the 2017 Grad Night Theme
New video of Grad Night 2016!
"Back to School" Special Ticket Deal!
Chairs for Grad Night 2017 are Announced!
DCA Scholarship Application 2013 - Due March 15, 2013
New Year-Round UNICEF Curriculum
Approval for the Compassion Corner Earthbench
Civic Arts Commission's Approval
"More Trees, Happier People," A New York Times Op-ed (11-16-18)
The New York Times recently carried an op-ed by Margaret Renki providing data to support the view that trees in urban areas increase the happiness of the people who live with and around them.
Annual General Meeting - February 1st - 6 pm
Minutes of the Board Meeting of September 20, 2018 (12-19-18)
International Women’s Day Celebration
International House, Sunday, March 11, 3 – 5 p.m; 10 College Park, Davis CA 95616; Reception with refreshments; Free and open to the public
October 2019 Minutes
Advocate for Women and Children’s Rights
From US Fund for UNICEF
Celebrate Universal Children’s Day on November 20th
From US Fund for UNICEF
Updating Information on the N-Parking District (11-24-18)
At the last Board meeting, Public Works Director Bob Clarke's acceptance of the ONDNA offer to detail needed changes in the N-Parking District was reported and the Board began to move ahead on that project.