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Moving to Davis
Alex shares his experience moving to Davis.
Farmer’s Market
Alanna Quinn shares what she loves about the Farmer’s Market. Honorable Mention.
Monthly Varsity Football Meetings
Little College Town by Dave Nachmanoff
Dave Nachmanoff sings about Davis in the summer
Back in Davis by Peter Dyer
Peter Dyer's original song about Davis, copyright 1987
Moon’s Beneath the Lion by Norm Milstein
Norm Milstein wrote this song about the field on Pole Line adjacent to where the Hunt’s Cannery used to be. He walked there with his dog for several nights while a sweet crescent moon curved beneath the constellation Leo.
George's Corner by Dave Nachmanoff
Dave Nachmanoff's song about a man who has devote himself to beautifying the corner of 2nd and L Streets
My Move to Davis in 1993
Betty Wilson describes how and why she moved from Plumas County to Davis.
Ice Cream
Peter Dyer recounts a communication lesson learned on his exchange trip to Davis’ sister city in Ukraine.
Some of My Davis History and How Times Have Changed
Judith Blum gives a brief description of her life in Davis
Sunrise Rotary Builds New Fence Along Meadow
U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Announces Inductees for Class of 2008
Announcement of the 2008 U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Inductees
NeighborWoods Kickoff Planting
Fastest in the Nation
Eric O’Brien decides to go to school in Davis after seeing all of the bicycles on campus and three years later something great happens.