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SCC Talking Points
True Story
Albert Chang tells a story about a praying mantis.
2nd Annual Mother's Day Tea in Central Park Gardens
Bicycle Limericks, March 2006 – June 2008
John Whitehead rides in the Davis Bike Club annual March contest to ride as many miles as possible in March and is inspired to write poetry during this annual rite of spring and year-around.
What Brought Me to Davis
John Whitehead relates his journey to Davis.
Treasure Hunting Nerdy Style
Becky explores Davis’s bike paths and parks while geocaching
First Meeting Spring 2009
Last Minute Relay Information
Updated First-Aid Booth Schedule (Relay for Life)
Recent Davis History Featured in a New Book on The American College Town
A University of New Hampshire geographer has published a very large book on American college towns containing a chapter characterizing Davis as a place of "all things right and relevant."
Selling Baked Goods + First Aid Booth (Relay for Life)
Red Cross Club Volunteer Opportunity - First Aid Booth
New Book on Historic Preservation
Folder 6, to the left and titled "New Book Notes," contains a note on a book that may be of interest to readers of Davis History.
Here's our first news item
A short summary of the content
CPG receives a new education grant!