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Letter from the Davis Schools Foundation

Davis Schools Foundation Thanks Davis Families for Supporting Recent Summer Campaign!

The Davis Schools Foundation thanks everyone who donated to the recent summer 2012 campaign. With your support and the help of local businesses, we were successful in raising $330,330 to benefit all of our Davis K-12 public schools!
The Foundation granted these funds to our schools in August, just prior to the start of the 2012-13 school year and our students are benefitting now.  Your donations are helping in a very meaningful way to fund invaluable instructional aides at all elementary schools, crucial campus safety (vice principals) at the junior high schools, instructional materials at Da Vinci, and counselors at Davis High School.
These donations to the Davis Schools Foundation (DSF) in support of Davis’ K-12 schools were a tangible expression of the donors’ belief in the importance of preserving excellence in our public schools.  The DSF has operated since 2005 as an all-volunteer non-profit (501-C3) organization and partners with the community to provide funding for excellent and equitable programs to all of the K-12 public schools in Davis.  With help from the community and businesses, we have donated over 3.5 million dollars in the past few years to preserve valuable school programs that would otherwise have been lost due to major state budget cuts that have occurred during that time.
If you missed the opportunity to make a donation during the summer campaign and would like to donate or learn more about the DSF, or, if you have made previous donations  and would like to sponsor other children with a “Dollar A Day” donation,  or make a donation of any denomination, please go to:
Every donation, regardless of the amount, is welcome.  Collectively, all donations will make a big difference in ensuring our children receive the excellent education they deserve.
Thank you,
Davis Schools Foundation
Community Volunteer Team
Although the future of educational funding in California is uncertain, one thing is clear.  Together we can preserve the chance for each student in Davis to have the excellent education he or she deserves.

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