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Our Friendly (Digital) Community

How to best to connect within the RY community.

In 2011, the Rancho Yolo Community Association introduced three new ways to connect with each other: 

   1) a website at ; 

   2) an email announcement list; and 

   3) an email discussion list.

The Announce List is one-way. That means that you cannot answer emails from the Announce List. They will bounce back to you. We tell you via email about upcoming events or city news of interest to the Park, such as watering times or tax exemptions. We also pass along management announcements, such as repaving RY streets or water cutoff times. We repeat these announcements in the newsletter when possible for residents who do not have email.

The Discussion List is two-way. Residents can “talk” to each other, as long as they abide by the established guidelines, which state, “The Rancho Yolo Community Association email list is a private discussion for the benefit of its members. It is used for messages of general interest that add to the friendliness and sense of community of the residents of Rancho Yolo.”

On the whole, our Discussion List has had a friendly, cheerful, helpful tone. We ask for help from others, and we quickly receive it. We give away free fruit or extra furniture. We hear about Park events, and we praise the organizers. We alert each other to illegal vendors going door to door, or scams on seniors.

Occasionally, briefly, the Discussion List tries to become a forum for complaints about each other or the Park. Often, these posts are from a new resident, who quickly apologizes for inappropriate posts.

We stop any negative tone as soon as possible because it is so easy for any community to degenerate into divisive opinions, anger, and hurt. Meanwhile, people who had enjoyed the previous friendly tone shrink away. As one resident said the last time we had a flare-up on the Discussion List, “Can I resubscribe to the good Discussion List?”

Our protocol for handling inappropriate posts is to contact each individual privately. If the posts continue, we unsubscribe the person from the list.

But you may have a legitimate complaint that needs addressing. Here are three ways to proceed:

  1. 1)  If you have a maintenance complaint at your home or property, contact John Burmester, our Park Manager.

  2. 2)  If you have a maintenance complaint that affects other residents, write or email John Burmester and copy Nancy Redpath, our Facilities Coordinator (see RYCA phone book for contact information).

  3. 3)  For general Park suggestions or complaints, address the RYCA Board, which meets monthly in the library at 4 pm on the second Wednesday.

     Robbie Fanning, Discussion List Facilitator

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