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Join RYCA Discussion Mail List

Use the simple form here to join an email discussion group for RYCA in which every member gets any email message sent.

The Party Line: The Discussion Mail List is the modern version of the old, old party line. Everyone on it can listen and talk.

How does the RYCA Discussion Mail List work?  It's simple.

  • When you subscribe to the Discussion Mail List,  YOUR email address is added to the list of people who receive messages that are sent to the Discussion Mail List.
  • When you (or anyone else on the Discussion Mail List) send a message to the Mail List, EVERYONE who is part of the Discussion Mail List gets that message. A discussion is just a chain of email messages on the same topic (for example, the new water plan for Davis), which everyone on the Discussion Mail List gets and can reply to. So you can
  • Start a new discussion by sending an email message with a new subject line to the Discussion Mail List.
  • Contribute to an ongoing discussion by replying to an email message that is sent to you by the Discussion Mail List.

You'll find the RYCA Discussion Mail List useful for such things as asking or telling neighbors about:

  • items you want to give away for free
  • people or companies that provided good service (e.g., cleaning gutters)
  • what to do in certain common situations at RYCA (e.g., door-to-door salespeople)
  • missing pets or items
  • --and more


You must be a member of the Rancho Yolo Community Association to subscribe.

Use the forms below to either subscribe or unsubscribe.

List Subscribe
Enter an e-mail address. This is the address which will receive list mailings.
Identifies you to the list manager. Required for subscription approval.
List Unsubscribe
Enter the e-mail address under which you are currently subscribed. Note that this address will need to exactly match the list database entry.

Managing your subscription

If you have a list subscription, you may manage it by visiting:

You may also e-mail the list manager at:

Please Note: If you're having trouble unsubscribing, send a message to the list manager. Please do not ever report our list mailings as SPAM or request your ISP to block list mail. That may endanger our ability to send mail to other subscribers.

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