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The Unofficial Davis Scrabble Club welcomes you!

The Unofficial Davis Scrabble Club hosts Scrabble games, year-round, in Davis, California.

Scrabble in the Park




The Unofficial Davis Scrabble Club hosts Scrabble games every Wednesday, year-round, in Davis, California.  We play indoors November to March and both outdoors and indoors April to October.  People come to play from all over Davis, Sacramento and beyond!  Every person is welcome, regardless of their ability, and the club is free.  We play with the Official Word List, but we do not use timers and we play up to four person games.  In addition to the regular Scrabble rules, we also have some Davis Rules.  We started out as a small group of friends who liked to play Scrabble and have become a much larger group of friends who like to play Scrabble!  So come play with great people, eat some good food, and maybe you'll learn some new words!


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