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Davis Rules & Traditions

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We have two local rules that we like to use... firstly we give you a list of all the acceptable two letter words that you can use during gameplay.  This levels the playing field somewhat for people who are beginners.  Secondly, if you challenge a play and it is unacceptable then the other person loses their turn as usual, but you get 10 extra points.  This is an incentive for challenging.  If the play is good, then you lose your next turn as usual.  Finally, the 10-point rule does not apply when there are no tiles remaining in the bag.  Here is a much more comprehensive document of the rules for you detail-oriented people.


There have been many traditions that we've tried over the years, however, the one that has stuck the most is the Solstice Super Scrabble.  Every year we bookend the two solstices by playing Super Scrabble, which is essentially double the size of regular Scrabble.  We celebrate the longest night and the longest day of the year by playing some really long games of Super Scrabble!

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