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Scrabble Resources and Tools

Here are some links and documents that could be useful to you in improving your Scrabble game.


Here is the two letter word list that we give you to use during play.
Here is a Scrabble Cheat Sheet that has vowel dumps, unusual words, the two-to-three letter list, common bingos, and much more.
A list of unusual three letter words, i.e. with all the common ones taken out (e.g. cat, dog, rat, etc.).
three-to-four letter word list.  This is a list of all the possible front and back hooks to all the three letter words.
The National Scrabble Association Standard Scoresheet.  Keep track of the score and plays, track tiles remaining, and track the board itself.


The National Scrabble Association, where you can look up casual clubs and buy Scrabble merchandise
The Internet Scrabble Club, where you can play real-time Scrabble online
Cross-Tables, your guide to competitive Scrabble
Zyzzyva, a word study and word judging program for Scrabble
NASPA, the North American Scrabble Players Association
Protiles, the brailling-resistant tournament tiles
Quackle, free AI-based scrabble-like game to learn strategy, for all kinds of Scrabble paraphernalia

WGPO, The Word Games Players Organization

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