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February 2018 Troop Blog

February 2018 Troop Blog by troop historian scout Max M.


The theme of the month is Citizenship in the community. We have been working on things

that help our community. On February 10, a lot of us volunteered to help make and serve

pancakes at the VFW. I did that and it was really fun.


February 2-4, ten adults and 11 scouts went to Cisco Grove for Klondike. We had a lot of fun

in the snow but it was still pretty warm. Our troop won second place for some awards.

On February 12, we had our Court of Honor. It was run by Finn. A lot of scouts earned badges

and went up in rank.


On February 18, we had our monthly patrol meeting to plan everything. February 24 we did

the scouting for food flyer drop off, which helps our community by getting food for them. Our

troop is passing out flyers to 320 houses in Davis. On March 3 we will go back and pick up the food

people leave out for the Yolo Food bank.

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