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March 2018 Troop Blog

March 2018 Troop Blog by troop historian scout Max M.


March has been a busy month for us. Many of us were gone though for a week for spring week. We

met that week at our SPL Stuart Cooke’s house to go over some campfire building skills as we get ready

for Camporee in April.


On March 3, we picked up food for our annual Scouting for Food event. All of the Boy Scouts, Girl

Scouts, Cub scouts, etc. pick up food that people leave out and take it to the Yolo food Bank. Also on

March 3, we went to volunteer at the annual St. Martin’s church clean-up, which is where we meet for



Mrs. Glatter has been helping 12 scouts get their First Aid merit badge and also work on rank

advancement. We have many new scouts, so it’s been fun for all of us to help out with that.

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