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Mission Statement

Founded in 1914, UFC (University Farm Circle) connects campus and community through friendship, enrichment, and scholarships.

  • Friendship: Welcomes newcomers to the university campus and community.

  • Enrichment: Provides programs and activities to meet the needs and interests of its members.

  • Scholarships: Assists students through scholarships.

Regi Hamel, Judy Wydick and Nancy Roe organized a luncheon for all UFC Past Presidents to kickstart a campaign to increase our scholarship fund toward the goal of one million dollars. At the
2018 Scholarship Reception, they presented this $29,200 “check,” representing the donation of
38 presidents. Photo: Judy Wydick, Melinda Hillis, Sue Colombano, Regi Hamel, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Diversity Raquel Aldana, and Nancy Roe. (Photo by Deanna Lee)

We Support Student Scholarships

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