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Frequently asked questions

UFC members marched in the
2014 UCD Picnic Day Parade
to celebrate our 100th anniversary.

UFC Members in 2014 Picnic Day ParadeQ: Do I have to be an employee (or spouse of an employee) of the University of California, Davis to be a member of UFC?
A: No. UFC membership is open to anyone supportive of UCD.

Q: Are my $30 annual dues based on the calendar year, or the academic year?
A: The academic year.

Q: Do I have to pay the $30 annual dues if I only participate in one section?
A: Yes. Your $30 dues pay for UFC's operating expenses, including the printing and mailing of your monthly newsletter, the roster, and the program; insurance; subsidizing some of our programs; and other expenses. These costs exist whether you are a major participant or a minor participant. In addition, $4.00 of your dues is given to the Scholarship Endowment.

Q: Will I receive a receipt for my scholarship donation for income tax purposes?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to be a newcomer to town to join the Newcomers Group?
A: No. Any new UFC member is welcome to participate in the Newcomers Group.

Q: Do the sections change from time to time?
A: Yes. As interests change, so do our sections. Some sections have been active for decades; others were added just this year. While others may be dropped as interest declines.

Q: I am interested in UFC, but I work full-time. What do you have for me?
A: The Program Committee plans events throughout the year with a desire to accommodate varied schedules. Some events are during the day, some are in the evening, and some are on weekends. Section leaders also attempt to hold their activities at times convenient to varied schedules.

Q: How are the Marion Freeborn scholarship recipients selected?
A: A scholarship committee consisting of a chair (elected position), two current board members, two general members, and the President, begin meeting in February. This committee reads 30 to 40 applications submitted to UCD's scholarship office. The applicants must meet University Farm Circle's criteria: "The committee shall accept applications from women of highest scholarship. The review of applications and final selection shall emphasize activities, service, and leadership (75%), and personal presentation (25%). In cases of equal ratings among candidates for the award, the financial needs of the candidate shall be the determining factor." After reading all the applications that meet UFC's criteria, the committee selects 10 to 15 applicants to interview. Out of these applicants, recipients are selected (usually by May), depending upon how much money is available to give as scholarships for that year. Scholarships are awarded at the Fall Tea.

Q: What is the current value of the endowment?
A: The endowment has a book value of $348,035 and a market value of $526,976 as of March 2018.

Q: How are the scholarships funded?
A: The scholarships are funded from the interest earned on our endowment, a portion of members' dues, and donations.

Q: What kind of interest does the endowment earn?
A: It earns two types of interest:
     (1) "Growth" interest that is rolled over and added to the principle each year.
     (2) "Earnings" interest that is returned to us each year to be used toward funding our scholarships.

Q: Are profits made from UFC's monthly programs?
A: Not usually. The UFC board attempts to set the price of a program to equal the cost of that program. If a profit is made, those moneys go toward offsetting a program that lost money. Any money remaining at the end of the fiscal year is rolled over to UFC's scholarship endowment.

Q: What is in the "members only" link? Why can't I access it?
A: The current and previous UFC newsletters are available only to UFC members, who are given the yearly password.

Q: I forgot the password to the Members Only section of the website. What should I do?
A: The user name and password are published in every newsletter, as well as in the yearly roster. If you no longer have your newsletter on hand, contact the Membership Chair. Note that your dues must be paid by the date of the annual Scholarship Reception and Fall Welcome in October to receive the roster.

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