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UFC Past Presidents

(Historic 2019 photo of 30 UFC past presidents below)

For a full list of past presidents since 1914, click here.

On August 30, 2019, past presidents Regi Hamel, Nancy Roe, and Judy Wydick hosted a luncheon for 30 University Farm Circle past presidents. Recognizing the ever-increasing cost of a college education, they wanted to inform their guests of the current status of our Endowment and the need to have the Endowment grow.

The past presidents were happy to visit with friends they hadn’t seen recently as they caught up with each other and reminisced about past Farm Circle events. After a delicious lunch prepared by the hostesses, Regi, Nancy, and Judy spoke to the importance of our UFC heritage, pride in our work of increasing our Endowment, and recognition that we are on the way to an Endowment with a market value of over $1,000,000.

Since the luncheon, University Farm Circle’s past presidents have donated an additional $29,200. This gives our endowment a wonderful boost towards the new goal.

Thanks go to Regi, Nancy, Judy, and all past presidents for their ongoing support and generous donations.

Front row l-r: Mary Alice Carswell, Rosie Soohoo, Maxine Schmalenberger,
Ruth Asmundson, Myrna Hayes, Judy Wydick, Elizabeth Sagehorn, Melinda Hillis
Second row: Deanna Lee, Linda Ziskind, Mary Fish, Kathy Stevens, Pat Kaminker, Cathy Norman, Carlene Ozonoff, Betty Pfeifer, Lydia Baskin, Lea Rosenberg, Regi Hamel, Nancy Roe
Third Row: Marylee Hardie, Joan Salee, Sheila Beyer, Sue Colombano, Ruth Shumway,
Elysa Hillis, Leslie Patti, Lois Wolk, Diane Makley, Cynthia Gerber, Sue Smith

Not Pictured: Yvonne Adcock, Linda Bernheim, Janet Collins, Judy Cunningham, Eina Dutton, Liz Fenton, Renee Liston, Cathy Pickett, Barbara Smith Vaughn, and Pat Stromberg.

Photo by Deanna Lee

Past Presidents

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