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**UFC Reservation Policies

Please read the reservation policy as we have made revisions.

Because space is often limited, UFC has a reservation system, where members have first priority.

The Basics

A reservation form and a check payable to UFC are required to hold all reservations.

Some programs have limited space and are at capacity before the reservation deadline. In such cases, member reservations will be placed on a member waiting list in the order received.

Cancellations may be made before the program deadline for a full refund. After the deadline, refunds will be issued only if the space can be filled. Checks are not cashed until after the event.

The Details

Member Reservations: When checks are received, members’ names will be placed on the reservation list in the order received. For programs with limited space, members will be notified whether they have been accepted or placed on a waiting list. After the member deadline, member reservations will be added to a general waiting list. All attendees shall pay the total regular admission charge and meal charge at UFC events, even if they have worked on or been a part of the program, cannot attend the entire program, or choose not to eat the meal.

Guest Reservations: For most programs, each member may bring one non-member guest, who may be charged more than members. Please make out a separate check for your guest. Guests will be placed on a general waiting list until after the program deadline for members. Then, if space is available, guests’ names will be placed on the reservation list. (Some programs are completely open to guests—check your newsletter.)

Waiting List: If there are cancellations before the deadline, members on the member waiting list will be called to confirm their interest and will be offered the available space. After the deadline, the Program Coordinator will fill open spots from the general waiting list. For questions about your reservation, please call or contact the Program Coordinator.

Cancellation Policy: You may request a refund from the Program Coordinator PRIOR to the reservation deadline (found in your newsletter). After the deadline, a refund will be issued only if the space can be filled.

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