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Explorit: September 2011

Dear Friend of Explorit Science Center, Your help is urgently needed as Explorit works hard to recover from dramatic effects of the recent recession.

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Explorit Needs YOUR help  NOW

Join us as we Create and Renew Explorit Science Center Programs

 Yes! You can help Explorit emerge from the recent recession with a reinvigorated mission

Be a supporter of science for kids, families and school classes


Donations needed horizontal

Help us raise at least $50,000 in personal donations during October 2011 to create hands-on science investigations and activities to be used in our public gallery in Davis and in our programs that travel to schools. 

Make your donation of $25, $100, $1,000 or more, toward this goal and our overall budget goal of $300,000 for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

Be a science supporter and  MAKE YOUR DONATION NOW

Or mail your check to Explorit's P.O. Box address above

Are you asking-   Why should I help? 
Here's why!

Explorit's hands-on, inquiry style provides interesting, intriguing science experiences for families, and schools book our programs to supplement science in their classrooms: 

  • To encourage the next generation to think critically and clearly.
  • To help develop problem-solving capacities- an essential skill for technical jobs now and in the future. 
  • To develop practical, inquiry-based learning skills.
  • To be foster stewardship and awareness of our environment.

 Explorit is small but it serves a significant metropolitan, urban and rural population in the region with:

  • Public programs - unique, on-site, hands-on science exhibitions, nature safaris for groups in the lovely Mace Ranch Community Park, and more.
  • Programs for schools - field trips to Explorit for classes, as well as traveling science programs that visit individual classrooms, and family science nights. 

Your help can make a difference. 

Please make your donation a 'stretch' and make it today


Explorit's Impact Stories

Four examples from the local newspaper in Summer 2011


"Let's try this one Dad," I heard the girl say as she attached the tiny Christmas light to the battery. Her face beamed as the light lit up. 

"What do you think would happen if we added another one?" the father asked the girl.

 "Hey, they both glow, but not as brightly" the girl exclaimed after attaching the second light. 

"What do you think this aluminum foil is for?" she asked her dad.

 "I'm not sure. Let's find out," he replied. 

This is a scene I have witnessed over and over again in my 10+ years of working at Explorit Science Center. Whether the materials involve circuits, spinning tops, or a variety of rocks and minerals, the dialogue is always similar. As Exhibit Coordinator, I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I hear these exchanges between parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, classmates, or even complete strangers. 

By Anna Grace Special to the Enterprise

* * * * 

Explorit's Summer Science Camp has long been known as a fun place for hands-on science exploration. But for dozens of volunteer Summer Teaching Assistants, it is much more. The small army of mostly middle and high school students assists Explorit educators with teaching summer camp classes. Summer Teaching Assistants set up experiments and activities, and provide one-on-one attention to students. For these assistants, Summer Science Camp is an opportunity to gain classroom and leadership experience, develop career skills, and continue to deepen their love of science. 

By Lisa Justice Special to the Enterprise

* * * *

As a young child I visited Explorit, as an adolescent I volunteered, and today I work there. My interest in studying science and going into a scientific career evolved through experiences at Explorit as well as other science centers, and a couple of great teachers. Choosing to major in Animal Science at UC Davis was a natural extension of these interests and curiosity. 

Since 1982 Explorit has become well known for its emphasis on hands-‐on education. This approach immerses participants in the scientific process, so they can learn by actually doing the science, instead of reading or listening to someone talk about it. In recent years this approach to teaching has become more popular and is now used by educators at every level, from Pre-K through college and graduate school. 

By Edward Thomas Special to the Enterprise

* * * *



* * * * 

Explorit Science Center 

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