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Farm Center

Front view of the Auksuciai Farm and Forestry Center


The Auksuciai Farm & Forest Center
( Auksuciu Ukio ir Misku Centras)
Kursenai, Lithuania


The Auksuciai Farm & Forest Center was formally established as a Lithuanian non- profit entity on September 9, 2002. The primary purpose of the Center is to provide Lithuanian farmers with educational and technological opportunities through an aggressive program of local applied research and education. It also serves as a stimulus and facilitator for the incorporation of new technologies in modern agriculture.

The Center is located on a 157-hectare (389-acre) farm near the town of Kursenai in the Siauliai Region in northeast Lithuania. At this site a year long program of research on new crops, improvement of existing crops and improved farming practices is conducted by staff. The farm is operated under master lease and use agreement with the Auksuciai Foundation-USA. The operations of the farm are divided into two divisions- Farm Operations and Research and Education programs. Though most of the farming operations are leased out for income purposes it also is used as a large scale demonstration of new and modern farming technologies. The Research and Education division comprises smaller areas of the farm where research on new crops and technologies are conduced under strict scientific procedures. All information generated from the research projects is considered public information and is available at no charge to local farmers and other interested individuals.


Auksuciai Farm and Forestry Center (AUMC)

Board of Directors

Vytautas Sliupas - President

Calvin Qualset - Vice President

Darius Malinauskas - Treasurer

Leland Ruth - Secretary

Algirdas Radzevicius - Center Director

Aldas Kikutis - Managing Director

John Chiles - Member of Board

Mindaugas Kuklierius - Member of Board

Hans Christen Nissen - Member of Board

Dr. Gary Hartman - Member of Board

Dr. Vincas Laurutis - Member of Board

* Heather White - Member of Board

* Leave of Absence


Farm Contacts


Dr. Calvin Qualset - Director Research/Operations    E-mail: [ click here ]

Aldas Kikutis - Managing Director   E-mail: [ click here ]

Toma Bilyte - Assistant Research Director   E-mail: [ click here ]

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