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This year Trick or Treat for UNICEF Will be using Virtual Orange Boxes: Get Yours Today

Trick-or-Treat-for-UNICEF Website 

The website is now LIVE for the 2020 campaign. The instructions below are important as our UNA Davis Chapter as a unique code to use described below. A Step by step guide below makes it easy and fun to participate where you can “earn” coins by watching videos and you can donate to your box with a credit card if you like. As much as you are able, be generous knowing that you are helping to improve the lives of children with this great UNICEF tradition.


INSTRUCTIONS for obtaining an Individual Box

1. Go to the website and create a profile by first selecting the group/educator circle

(not individual). This is important because we have to do this to use our UNA code.

2. Type in your first/last name, email address and answer a couple of questions on the form. Then, select Next.

3. You will be prompted to put in a “partner code” - it is TOT-UNA-USA. Please use this code as it has been especially assigned to us.

3. A virtual box will be set up with a distinct QR code (a code that phones can read with their cameras open) and a URL web link. You can use the QR to donate to the box and you can send the URL web link to friends or family.

4. You have access to virtual orange box activities on the webpage and note that all the money is represented in coins. As you browse note that you can “earn” virtual coins by watching short videos or doing activities. UNICEF corporate and individual donors have agreed to donate to UNICEF for the virtual coins that people earn. 




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