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Club List

Depending on student interest and advisor availability, a club is active or inactive in some years and not others.

The following list contains clubs that have been active/inactive along with the faculty advisor's name.  Active ones in 2007-08 are marked with an asterisk.

Faculty advisors can change from year to year. The Club Council meets early in the Fall and as student interest is defined, clubs develop their programs. Club announcements are included in the DAILY BULLETIN. If your student has any questions, please contact Student Government Advisor Brett Stone (  or Sharron Lake (, Secretary for Assistant Principals Ramon Cusi and John Lammon.  Contact the student club leaders regarding specific clubs.  Consult the Staff Directory for email and voice mail of their faculty advisors.

This list is updated periodically.  The last update was November 7, 2007.

contact info
 Aademic Decathlon
 American Field Service

 American Red Cross *
Tom McHale
 Amigos de la Americas

 Amnesty International

 Anime (Manga & Animation) *
 Burdy ?
 Art Club *
Lynette Diem
 Art for Africa *
Lili Floyd
 Asian Pacific Dance Company *
Gwyneth Bruch
 Asian Student Assn *
Naoko McHale
 Bahai *
Fern O'Brien
 Black Student Union

 Book Club

 Bop it  
 Bowling *
Nicole Lebsack
 Breakfast *
Wayne Raymond
 Buddhist *
Sarah O'Keefe
 Business & Entrepreneur
 Circus *
Nick Pasquale
 California Scholarship Federation (CSF) *
Fern O'Brien
 Captain Planet Club

 Community for Fair Trade *
Kathleen Curry
 Creative Writing Club *
Elizabeth Blake
 Critical Masses Film
 Dance Team *
Helen Spangler
 Dance Revolution  
 DHS Knitters United

 DHS Science Bowl *
Wayne Raymond
 Drama *
Gwyneth Bruch
 Engineering Exploration *
Ann Moriarty
 Environmental Club

 F.A.C.T. Club *
Peter Reilly
 Fairy Tales Upon Request
 Flying Feet *
Peter Reilly
 Food Appreciation Club

 Formosa TW

 Freedom from Hunger *
Elizabeth Holoman
 French Club *
Elizabeth Holoman
 Friendship Day Facilitators  
 Future Business Leaders of America
 Future Farmers of America *
Nicole Lebsack
 Future Problem Solving Club

 Future Teachers of America
 Game Theory Club

 Gay-Straight Alliance *
Bill Wheeler
 German/German Honor Society * Lili Floyd
 Global Help Council

 Government, Law & Human Services
 Guitar Club *
John Oster
 Health Advocates
 Health Pathway
 Interact *
Susan Hawkins
 International Relations Club

 Japanese Club *
Naoko McHale
 Jewish Student Union *
Michael Paskowitz
 Junior Statesmen of America *
Mckil-Elvetz ?
 Key Club*
Scott Richardson
 Knitters for Cambodia

 Little Wishes *
Chris Lee
 Los Latinos Unidos *
Joe Moreno

 Marine Biology Club

 Mask & Scroll

 Math Team *
Karl Ronning
 Model United Nations *
Pete (Charles) Haws
 Mu Alpha Theta *
Jana Henry
 Music and Fashion Appreciation *
Jeanne Pettigrew
 Music Improv *
Karen Gardias
 Musical Composition Club

 Muslim Student Association *
Elizabeth Blake
 National Honors Society *
Eleanor Neagley
 New Kids on the Block *
Kelly Wilkerson
 Operation Smile Student Assn. * Eleanor Neagley
 Peace Club *
Peter Reilly
 Peer Counselors in Athletics
 Peer Helpers *
Caitlin Butler
 Pro-Life Club

 Pro-Med Club *
Linda Husmann
 Promoting Animal Welfare

 PSU *
Zachary Ronneberg
 Random Acts of Kindness *
Seana Burke
 Recyling Club

 Robotics Club *
Steve Harvey
 Rock and Roll Club

 Rowing *
Eleanor Neagley
 SAT Interaction Club

 Sewing *
Jeanne Pettigrew
 Science Fiction  
 South Asian Student Association

 Sub 5-Minute Mile Club

 Survival *
Zachary Ronneberg
 Table Tennis Club

 Teen Christian Fellowship  
 Team Tailgate  
 Thinking it Through
 Thumbwrestling Club

 UNA-USA Student Alliance Group

 Urban Art Club

 Version One Dance *
Steven Schmidt
 Video and Film *
Ted Fontaine
 Viking *
Jim Johnson
 Web Design
 World Aid Club

 World Affairs  
 Yoga Club

 Young Democrats *
Don Winters
 Young Liberals *
Gwyneth Bruch
 Young Musicians Outreach *
Fred Lange
 Young Republicans