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Accepting Donations of String Instruments and Lightly Used Formal Dress Clothing

Do you have an old and unused instrument to donate? Do you have any outgrown and lightly used formal concert dress clothes you don’t need?


Instrument Donations


We are now accepting donations of previously used and no longer needed string instruments of all sizes to help our ever growing program and the ever growing Elementary Strings Program. Your previously used instrument/bow/case/equipment can be donated to DSOMA, in exchange for a tax write-off. Please see their website, for more information.


Instrument Donation Drop Off:  Instruments may be dropped off Emerson-Da Vinci or Harper Jr. High Schools over the next week or two, but I ask to please also email me to let me know it is in the office so I may pick it up. Please also include information on the original cost of the instrument/bow/case (receipt or otherwise), and your contact information, either on paper or through email to me, so the booster club may send you a note of receipt for your taxes. During summer, please email me ( to set up a drop off time/location. We will also gladly take donations at the beginning of the school year. 


Clothes Closet


For many years, our boosters have run an annual “Clothes Closet” clothing exchange for our formal concert dress clothes. As we know the kids grow quickly at this age, they can grow out of clothes after one wear; and knowing that clothes aren’t cheap, especially if you have to purchase multiple sets in a year (even one set can be a lot!), we have for a long time run, and will be restarting our “Clothes Closet” clothing exchange for next year. 


The “Clothes Closet” is where you can either donate lightly used and laundered formal concert dress clothes that don’t fit, or pick up the right size for your jr. high or high school student. So, in the meantime, we are asking for donations to help us build up our collection of clothes to help with next year’s concerts. If your child has grown out of their dress clothes from this year, please send them in with your child to the music room, and all collected clothes will become part of what we can offer for next season. We will have an open exchange a few times before the first formal concert in December.


Clothes Donation Drop Off: All Donations of clothes can be dropped off with Mr. Brucker at either jr. high school over the next few weeks. Over the summer, if you wish to donate, please connect with Mr. Brucker at or the boosters at to arrange for a drop off time/location. We will also accept items at the beginning of the next school year. All donations are tax deductible.


Many past donations are currently in use, and we cannot thank you enough for helping provide this great way to support our programs and students. If you have any questions, please let me know, and thanks again for your support!


-Mr. Brucker

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