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Frequently Asked Questions to be built up over time.

  • What is concert dress?

Black pants/long skirts with white tops (TBC).

  • How do 9th graders choose a group at DHS?

Students have to audition for DHS Jazz Band and for DHS Symphonic Band and Orchestra.  For 2013, Mr. Slabaugh has said: 

JAZZ BAND - live auditions are scheduled for Monday, Mar 25; Tuesday, Mar 26; and Wednesday, Mar 27.  

SYMPHONIC BAND - CD auditions are due Monday, Mar 25 at 4pm at the latest.

For further information, see the DHS Band Boosters website 

  • Can 7th graders be in Jazz Band?

There are a few reasons we have not traditionally had 7th graders in the jazz band; the main being that studying jazz requires a mastery of basic group and individual listening and performance  skills that most 7th graders just don't have since they previously only had band one day a week, another is that our class schedule doesn't allow for it; with all of our travelling teachers we have to work the 7th grade music (band, orch, and choir at each site) around the core subjects schedule, another is that the Jazz Band is a one year curriculum so students can do it in either 8th or 9th grade if they want to but by doing it in 7th they miss out on all of the fundamental theory, language, and musical expectations that don't get taught in jazz band since we have such a huge range of material to try to teach.  There have been exceptions in the past for students who only play piano or guitar and who don't have to take cores for some reason, like independent study but generally it just isn't the right fit for 7th graders unless they are in the regular band concurrently which isn't something that is done here in Davis.

  • Are donations to Emerson/DaVinci Band Boosters tax-deductabile?  

Yes!  E/D BB tax-payer ID # is 52-2404097

  • Are donations to Holmes Band Boosters tax-deductabile?  

Yes!  Holmes BB tax-payer ID # is 80-0283503

    • Who should checks be made out to?

    Please make checks out to Emerson/DaVinci Band Boosters or Holmes Junior High Band Boosters

    • Who gets to go to an amusement park?

    Mr. Quick and Mr. Slabaugh would like to take 9th graders from DEH Band and DEH Jazz Band to an amusement park in the spring for a during-the-week field trip as a performance opportunity (for DEH Band) and a reward for staying in music.  


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