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Fairfield Elementary School Song

In 1993, Linda Book wrote this song in honor of our school and students.

                In a field just west of town,

                Kids grow up and the sun shines down.

                Mountains rise up behind the school.

                All the kids are happy and cool.

        Chorus:         And the hawk he flies,

                            And the ground squirrel runs,

                            And the child grows wise in the Fairfield sun.

                Ice cream social in the fall

                Very first thing, come one, come all.

                Parents, teachers, kids makes three.

                Now we are a family.


                The field is big where the children play.

                Out in back, the horses neigh.

                Everybody knows your name.

                Life is all a learning game.


                Bluebelly lizard and the snake and the owl,

                All little critters are on the prowl.

                Old teeter totter goes up and down,

                Children’s feet springing off the ground.


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