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How do I cut and paste?

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I have ten folders I want to place in a single, new folder without going back and creating ten new folders and uploading the contents of each. Is there a way I can "cut and paste" an existing folder (and its contents) into a new folder?

Log in and navigate to the folder currently containing the ten folders. Choose the "contents" view from the green content action bar. Then, check the boxes beside the folders you wish to move; push the "cut" button. Then, navigate to the target folder. Click on the "actions" pull-down menu on the content bar and choose "paste". (As an alternative to the last part, you may switch to the "contents" view of the target folder and press the "paste" button.)

Note that the objects that you are moving will not move until you execute the paste action. The "cut" really just selects objects for potential moving.

This FAQ applies to: Any version.