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How do we use our own domain name?

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Rather than using the, I'd like to register a domain name for my group and use it to access the web site.

Can do. This is a three-step process:

  1. Register your group's domain name with a domain name registration service. Make sure that the registrar you choose provides DNS services. Note that when you register, most registrars will try to sell you a great many services that you don't need. All you'll need for this purpose is name registration and DNS services.
  2. Use your registrar's account management interface to set up DNS records. In particular, if your domain name is, you should set up A records pointing and to (the DCN groups web server).
  3. Let the DCN webteam know that you need to have virtual hosting set up for your site.

Please note that these steps may take a few days to complete.

This FAQ applies to: Any version.