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2. 7. E-500s

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This folder contains two types of materials on the E-500s. The first type--in folder 2.7.1.--is on the hard copy booklet titled "E-500s People: Ten Decades on a Face-block in Davis, California." The second type of material--in folder 2.7.2.--is a more comprehensive, free-flowing, and open-ended "digital book" on the area.

2.7.1. The Booklet Titled "E-500s People: Ten Decades on a Face-block in Davis, California"
Materials on the hard copy, 28 page booklet of the above title. These include a link to the on-line version of the booklet, information on the sources of materials in the booklet, and a brief outline of procedures used to identify past residents. [Folder under construction.]
2.7.2. Digital Book on the E-500s
This folder houses a work-in-progress, which is a compilation of materials on the history of the 500s block of E Street in Davis. It is organized as a book and begins with a cover/title page and table of contents, provides a two-part introduction, and has a "chapter" on each of the 16 properties making up the E Street 500s block. It ends with some observations by me -- John Lofland -- and a document on sources. Following the material making up the E-500s book, there is a "Supplementary Materials" folder containing a "faceblock-wide" folder and a folder on each of 16 properties.

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