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August 27, 2020 ONDNA Minutes

Old North Davis Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Approved Minutes

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Via Zoom  


Old North board members participating: Greg Frantz, John Meyer (Pres.), Gerrit Mulholland (Secretary) joined at 6:35, Steve Tracy (Treas.), and Lucas Welch (VP)

Board members unable to participate: Rain Watson, Angela Willson

Others participating: Lou Fox, Marnell Gleason, Lucas Frerichs, John Lofland, Cyndi Marshall




The meeting began at approximately 6:10 after Zoom connections were established.


The agenda was approved by consensus.



            Board members gave brief updates on their homebound circumstances.  New Old North residents Lou Fox and Marnell Gleason joined the meeting and were welcomed. They live in the new home at 628 C Street.  Vice Mayor Lucas Frerichs also joined and offered to respond to questions during the meeting.           



The minutes for the meeting of June 11, 2020 were approved as submitted.  That was the Association’s first meeting conducted on the Zoom format.


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steve Tracy reported that a small deposit ($20) had been made into the Association’s account at First Northern Bank.  This was undertaken to address concerns about a notice received about inactivity in the account.


Police Department Community Advisory Board and Human Relations Commission

No report


Neighborhood Project(s)                

            John Meyer reported on a communication that had been received from the chair of the Historical Resources Management Commission.  Some commissioners were concerned that staff and city attorney had indicated that a demolition within the Elwood neighborhood did not require commission review.  The neighborhood has assessed but has not yet been officially received a historic designation.


Old North Tree Planting

Tree Davis and the city will be undertaking a street tree planting program.  For Old North, this will be targeted to fill in gaps in the street trees located within strips between the street and sidewalks.  Old North hopes to work with residents receiving new trees to ensure they receive needed care during the first few years of growth.  Due to the pandemic, this will no longer be undertaken as a community tree planning event.  Tree Davis will plant these trees without neighborhood volunteers.



Upcoming road resurfacing

Old North will soon have two road segments resurfaced: D St. (5th to 8th; includes 4-way stop at 6th) and E St. (5th to 7th).  There was discussion regarding the circumstance that D Street will not be striped with bike lanes as part of this project.  Many of those participating believe this would help reduce speeds by reducing the perceived width of the roadway.


Clarification of Board terms; Nominations Committee update

Board terms ending this year include Steve Tracy, Greg Frantz and Rain Watson. Steve and Greg expressed interest in being nominated for an additional board term.  Lucas Welch is coordinating the nominations process.  At least one new board member will be needed.  Cyndi Marshall agreed (i.e., did not vehemently object…) to participating in the nominations committee.  Elections will be held at the next meeting on September 17.

Due to the pandemic, John Meyer suggested the board waive the bylaws requirement that each household be delivered a written notice of the annual meeting (Sept. 17).  Complications include safely delivering such notices and that many more homes seem to be vacant without student tenants.  It was agreed that, in lieu of direct noticing, steps would be taken to post some notices within the neighborhood (e.g., on utility poles).


New Resident Inquiries

            New Old North resident Lou Fox brought up several issues for discussion as follows:

Alleys: mentioned both the condition of the alleys and the circumstance that it appears they will drain towards the garage when during rains.  Many meeting participants agreed that drainage was very problematic as additions of gravel over the years has raised the height of the alleyways and changed drainage conditions.

ADA ramps: he noted the lack of accessible ramps on sidewalks on 7th Street and C Street.  All agreed the lack of such ramps was highly problematic.  Some new ramps will be constructed this year as part of the D Street reconstruction project.

Leaf pickup: asked if homeowners were responsible for cleaning up the current street tree leaf drop.  Many mentioned the difficulty is assuming that leaves can be placed in compost bins this time of year with the high volume of leaves falling.  In addition, the first street pickup is not scheduled until October.  It was asked if those neighborhoods with mature trees and a high volume of leaves could get additional street pickup.


Ways to enhance website, website administration

            No discussion


Update on service outreach/phone tree, if any

            No discussion


Upcoming meetings

            Annual meeting Thursday, Sept. 17, 6-7 p.m.

                        Election of board members

                        Tree planting orientation


Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.           

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