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Updating Information on the N-Parking District (11-24-18)

At the last Board meeting, Public Works Director Bob Clarke's acceptance of the ONDNA offer to detail needed changes in the N-Parking District was reported and the Board began to move ahead on that project.

Updating Information on the N-Parking District (11-24-18)


As part of that effort, source "footprint" maps of Old North have been placed on this website in the folder titled "N Parking District," which is in the lefthand sidebar. A screenshot view of the titles of the maps available for download appears in this news item.

 In addition, an example of one of the kind of inventory maps that might be made at the block level is reproduced to the right and is of the E-500s block. 

The N-District revision project is explained in a letter from the ONDNA to the City dated October 5, 2018 and posted in OLD NORTH NEWS 10-7-18. The City's response from Mr. Clarke is posted here dated 11-16-18. (posted by John Lofland)


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