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Organization and Officers

Page stating core ONDNA organizational facts and overviewing other documents in this folder

2017-18 ONDNA Board of Directors

John Meyer, President  , 616 E Street,

Lucas Welch, Vice President, 

Steve Tracy, Treasurer, 642 D Street,


Gerrit Mulholland, Secretary, 

Angela Willson, At large, 301 6th St.

Greg Franz, At Large, 645 D Street,



Old North Traffic Calming Project

Bret Hewitt, Coordinator, 516 D Street,


ONDNA Website and Listservs

Angela Willson, Vice-President, 301 6th St.

John Meyer, 616 E Street,


Conservation and Historic District Matters

Steve Penniman, 622 E Street, Website

John Lofland, Coordinator, 523 E Street,


Street Signs

John Meyer, Coordinator, 616 E Street,


Facebook Page


Google Doc Drive



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