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Meeting Reminder 5/7

Hey guys,

This is just a final reminder that there is a meeting today. After the meeting, we have a couple of volunteer opportunities for you to partake in.

Cool things you can do:

Sarah Katz will be needing help with organizing and decorating baskets for the Baskets of Love project. If you are available to spend a couple of hours after the meeting to help out with the project, please come to the meeting.

Additionally, I will need help with making bracelets for an organization called Sahaya. The money raised from saling the bracelets will be used to help HIV orphans in India and Africa. I'll be making bracelets after the meeting if you would like to join me. I have lots of fun making them. If you are not free after the meeting, you can come by to the Art Lounge in the MU anytime from 8 to 9:30pm.

Hope to see you guys there,

Sara Jones and the Red Cross Officers


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