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Relay for Life Update & Reminders!

Hey ARCC Relayers,

I have a few important reminders:
1) PLEASE sign up on the relay website. THIS IS YOUR TICKET INTO THE EVENT (you won't get in unless you sign up online) It's been awhile since I last checked but I think Cindy's team still have spots open. Exactly 30 people contributed $5 so all 30 spots should be filled! :)
2) Relay for Life Team Meeting: I'll be having a Relay for Life team meeting on Thursday, April 2nd (6:10 - 7:00pm) in Olson 6. It's really important that you come! I need help with last minute signs/decorations for our onsite fundraisers. I also have some information about what to expect on the day of the event (especially for those of you who are staying overnight). I will give you an extra service hour if you attend this meeting!
3) Please fill out the attached excel sheet! (Can be downloaded from "Miscellaneous Files for Downloading" folder). Just type your name into the interested time slots, save the modified spreadsheet, and send it back to me! I won't penalize you if you don't stick to this schedule. I just want an idea of when everyone is planning to come.

Thanks to all those who sent this back to me. I'll be sending out separate rosters for the general relay for life event and the first aid booth.


Lastly, if you've collected donations... please bring your white fundraising envelopes to the event on April 2nd. You can turn them in on that day.


Have a great week!


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