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Yolo Community Band (Woodland Community College Band)

Providing information about the Yolo Community Band.

Welcome to the Yolo Community Band Website.  

The Yolo Community Band is a group of musicians of all ages who come together to rehearse and perform at venues in Yolo County and beyond.  Our director is Bobby Rogers of Pioneer High School.  We have musicians from Zamora, Woodland, Winters, West Sacramento, Sacramento, Esparto, Dunnigan, Davis, and Capay.  To learn a little more about us, click here.

Play a band instrument?  Come join us!  Contact _at_  

We are turning into the Woodland Community College Band.  


YCB has rehearsals Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9pm at Pioneer High School in Woodland.

No rehearsal 4/19

Practice, practice, practice....


Carnegie Trip

YCB is performing at Carnegie Hall in June 2017.  For information click here.

New information regarding schedule and concert dress (updated 4/2/17)

Carnegie T-shirts:  Here is the most recent link that Bobby sent out for Carnegie T-shirt sizes. If you didn't sign up already, please do so ASAP!  Even if you used one of the initial links that were sent out (which didn't work for many people), you should also make sure that you sign up here as well. We don't have information about whether the sizes are Men's or Women's....most likely unisex sizing, so make your best guess.


Carnegie Music

From Bobby's email:

Here is what I am still considering for Carnegie. It depends on the first 2 rehearsals when we return as to what I choose for Carnegie. Carnegie is 30 minutes on and off stage. The other 2 concerts are more relaxed with an hour of performance time.


I already sent play list in previous email.



Mare Tranquillitatis

Blue Shades

Tempered Steel

Italian in Algiers

Lucky 2 March

Fanfare for Golden Sky

One Beautiful Life



The top 3 we spoke about for Carnegie are:

Italian in Algiers 8:15

Mare Tranquillitatis 6:45

Blue Shades 10:21


That’s about 26 minutes of music.


For next week, I will be running the potential Carnegie set list, plus Lucky 2 and Fanfare for a Golden Sky.


My hope is that you have been listening to listening examples or finding your own. You should have measure numbers in ALL pieces by first rehearsal.


I also believe I gave tempo marking to everything in rehearsal, I will review that first rehearsal.


See you next week!



Woodland Community College

Latest news (4/12/17) is that Yolo Community Band will transition to Woodland Community Band as of Fall 2017.  


Upcoming concerts (updated 04-02-17)


Call times are typically 30 minutes before time listed. 

Concert Location Date/Time Attire Comments 

 River City Combined PHS
May 15
 All Black  
 Concert 2 PHS

 May 24
 All Black  

 Carmichael Park

 Carmichael Park

June 3 or 4 

 Tour Send off   Jun 7     


Call times are typically 30 minutes before performance time listed. (I know this is a repeat.  Want to make sure people know.)





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