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See What Our Volunteers Are Saying About DCN!

Volunteers speak out

Being A Part Of An Organization For 20 Years!
    “I have been a DCN volunteer for about twenty years.  I joined when a grant from UC Davis and Pacific Bell allowed my classroom and the DHS library to be connected to the internet.  (It was the first K-12 connection to the internet) DCN and UC Davis volunteers gave so much to my students and the school that I realized that it is an organization that is extremely beneficial to the community.  
    During the time I have been a volunteer, DCN has 'assisted to level the playing field' for many Davis citizens- parents, students, organizations, the Migrant community by providing accounts, classes, the community calendar, etc.
    This is an organization that truly helps the community.  I am proud to be part of it.”

                            ~Jan Meizel, volunteer since 1992

The “First Fifty”
    "I was asked to be one of the DCN 'First Fifty' by Joan Gargano, a close friend who was a supervisor in the UCD Technology office...Joan was instrumental in applying for and receiving the CalTrans grant that started DCN.  Anyway, Joan brought me in because I was a lawyer, and they needed some legal assistance in incorporating DCN as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. I had no experience in this (I work as an appellate lawyer), but I figured out what we needed to do and drafted the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that still govern DCN today (with minor amendments). I was made Secretary of DCN."
                            ~Kimball Sargent, volunteer since approximately 1994

Be Part Of A Fantastic Team
    “My first encounter with DCN was as a school parent looking for an alternative to handle newsletter distribution which was not only rising in costs, but slow in delivery due to a change in bulk mail policy.  Thanks in part to the generous resources and effective guidance of DCN, PTA quickly developed a functional, informative and ad-free website.  In addition, it was able to start experimenting with a 'new' form of communication via listservers.   Today, with DCN's assistance, most local PTAs/PTOs and many school parent groups have a sustainable website and a vibrant network of communication via listservers.  It's empowering!
    What attracted me to volunteer at DCN, aside from the pleasure of working with some fantastically knowledgeable folks, is to be a part of a team with a strong spirit of volunteerism and civic-mindedness.”
                            T. Chang, volunteer since 2001.

Why I Believe In DCN
    "I really believe in the mission of DCN and believe that there should be community-based media and community-based technology resources for non-profits and individuals so that technology and the Internet can be built for community building purposes."     
                            ~Kari Petersons, volunteer since 1993

You Don't Have To Be A Techie
    "You do not have to be a techie to be a valued DCN volunteer. Techies are essential for some of DCN's work but by no means all of it.
    I've been a DCN volunteer for about 12 years.  The impetus at first was that I had a web project to create and I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet or any of its technologies!  So, during a period in DCN's life when it was involved with a UCD grant, I attended a couple of workshops.  I love learning new and challenging things especially when they are intrinsically useful.
    As time went on I came to appreciate the value and social significance of what was happening on the Internet and became more active in DCN for DCN's sake rather than my own.  The Davis Community is important to me and I saw that I could be useful in helping the community to understand and use some of the new ways of communicating information."
                            ~Anne Hance, senior citizen volunteer since 1995

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