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Simple Site Chart 2002 - 2006

Simple Sites allocated to nonprofit groups

This page was created by pasting in a previously created html web page.  Because the Plone software edits the html code to make it comply with XHTML standards the table did not function as I had expected so I consulted with the MsMosaic guru. MsMosaic told me that I needed to select the table in the edit screen and re-format it using the KUPU editor that appears when using Firefox to edit the (HTML) page.  The result is below.  The main difference is that borders were added - these depend upon css and cannot normally be included with code inside the table tag.

NOTE: I am waiting to find the URLS for the projects that have no URL listed in the chart below.

Additional sites:

Simple Sites Allocated by DCN's RAC

Project Leader Project Name Allocated URL Note Davis Volleyball Club 3/31/06 Yolo County Church of Religious Science 3/22/06 KDRT RADIO - Access Davis 3/1/06, How Eye See It 2/24/06 The Spare Changer 2/22/06 Decided not to use Simple Site

Central Park West Neighborhood Residents Association 10/13/05 Davis History Research Group (the Group) 10/13/05 Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) Capital Region 9/14/05, Grandparents Advocacy Network of Northern California, Inc. 8/16/05 DHS Advanced Treble Choir 5/9/05 Out of Date SKIES, Parent's Group-Special Kids in Educational 4/29/05 PTA: Emerson Jr Hi 4/22/05 Davis Dog Training Club 3/31/05 Davis Parent Nursery School 3/3/05 ok Grad Night 2005 2/25/05 ok Davis Dragons 1/8/05 DHS FFA and DHS FFA Ag Boosters 1/2/05 and DHS Band Boosters 11/3/04 ok, Neighborhood Association Oeste Manor 11/3/04, Harper Junior High Band Boosters 10/6/04 Neighborhood Association Old East Davis 10/6/04

<> PTA Pioneer Elementary 10/6/04 ok
Martin Homec <> Dan Berman <> Coalition for Local Power 9/1/04 ok (fixed an error - thanks Steve)
Corinne Esser <> Da Vinci High Parent Support Network 9/1/04

Everette schwartz Diane schwartz DHS Madrigal Choir Parent Support Group 9/1/04 ok Boy Scout Troop 466 8/4/04 ok
Michelle Reardon < Israel Matters 8/4/04

Michelle Reardon Tamara Rees
DHS Symphony Orchestra Boosters 7/7/04 ok
empty calendar
Norbei Kumagai Ingrid Hogle Amnesty International 7/6/04 ok PTO Frances Harper Jr Hi 6/2/04 ok
Edward Comingore Jr. <> Comingore Foundation 5/5/04 ok
John Bonner < Communicare Health Centers 5/5/04 Gone to commercial
David Bakay <> Davis Licensed Family Child Care Assoc 5/5/04 http:/ Minimal
Donna Lott <> & Richard Yamagata Davis Tomorrow 4/7/04

Johannes Troost <> Neighborhood Assoc. Oakshade 4/7/04

Debbie Martin < PTA Valley Oak Elementary 2/4/04 ok
Michael Levy <> Restricted email use Neighborhood Association Grande 1/7/04 Gone to Yahoo
Steve McMahon <>, Kevin Wolf <> Friends of Community Media 12/7/03 Out of date> & Debbie Martin <> Davis Combined Jr Hi Orchestra Boosters 12/3/03 OK
Helen Pelzman <> Womens Environmental Network 12/3/03 Neighborhood Assoc. Ivy Town North 11/13/03 ok
Mike Ransom <> Cezar Chavez Spanish Immersion (SIPAT) 11/5/03 ok
Sarah Boone <> Davis Parents Network 11/5/03

Tony Matista <> & Terry Turner <> Rutilio Grande Project 10/1/03 unfinished
Aryn Yancher <> DHS Alumni Class of 2003 7/2/03 ok
Lori Meirowsky <> Yolo Voting Technology Advisory Committee 7/2/03 Out of date
Karena Skinner <> Davis School Arts Foundation 6/4/03 DHS Jazz Choir 6/4/03 ok
Jane McLaughlin <> University Covenant Church 5/7/03 ok
Nancy Hodges <> & Lowell Ashbaugh <> Applegate Nursery School 3/5/03 ok problem
Margaret Kralovec <> & Rich Marovich PutahCreekDiscoveryCorridorPartnership(PCDC) 3/5/03 not really started
Webmaster Steve McMahon <> Yolo County Gay Pride Committee 2/5/03 ok
John Lofland <> Davis Historical Society (DHS) 12/4/02 ok
Richard Yamagata <> Sac PEMA   ProfEnvironmMarketing Assoc 12/4/02 Decided not to activate the Simple Site
Frank Schick <> Funeral Consumers Alliance 11/6/02 ok
Anna Leslie <>, Sally Springer <> DHS Debate Booster Club 9/1/02 error

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