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Yolo County CASA is a mission driven organization, taking a stand, making a difference for foster youth. These are the stories of how lives are changed by court appointed special advocates.



Jane & Sam's Story

I was 5 years old when my brother, Sam, and I were taken away from my mom.  Our father wasn't around and aunt and uncle tried to care for us, but we ended up in foster care… separate foster homes because Sam needed special care.

Lucky for me a nice lady came to visit, her name was Maggie and she told me she was a CASA.  Maggie made sure that Sam and I got to see each other as much as possible.  Maggie was really cool and amazing because she always made me and Sam feel loved and understood everything.

Several years later my amazing foster parents adopted me.  A few years later they adopted Sam.  After Sam and I were adopted, we were no longer eligible for a CASA, our CASA, Maggie.  We call her Aunt Maggie, and still see her; she's part of the family.


Michele's Decision to Become a CASA

To know the hurt and fears a child has gone through within his family is disheartening. But then to have the opportunity to listen to his stories and dreams, and to have fun afternoons; watching his eyes gleam as he is enjoying himself, is a wonderful reward for both the child and me. It was the right decision to become a CASA.


One Child, One CASA: A Real Difference

My CASA is one of the most important people in my life.

CASA volunteer and childAfter my dad died I was introduced to my dad’s elderly cousins.  I stayed with them over night when my mom was unable to watch me.  One morning when they took us back to the motel where I was staying with my mom we saw ambulances and police cars in the parking lot.  My mom was taken to the hospital from a drug overdose.

I ended up staying with my cousins for a while . . . people I hardly knew.  Then suddenly one day my aunt and uncle could no longer take care of me because they were getting older and it was too much for them, so I was placed in temporary foster care.

My mom made lots of promises to me, but she never kept them because of her drug addiction.  My CASA didn’t make a lot of promises, but she was there every time I needed her... she even stayed around when I didn't want anybody around me.  Thank you Yolo CASA for giving me such a wonderful, supportive and kind person to watch out for me when nobody else would.


CASA Experience Will Have You Walking on Air!

CASA and child at tableI'd had my 14-year old CASA child for about a year and didn't seem to be having any impact at all on him.  He seemed content to let me take him out to eat, watch him at karate lessons, etc., but we didn't exchange confidences at all.  I did nag him about his table manners, which were awful. 

In the five placements he was in when I knew him, I never saw the residents gather around a table for a meal; it seemed to be catch as catch can at mealtimes. I told him I expected him to grow up to be an important person and have lunch with the President one day; I didn't want him to embarrass me with poor table manners!  He grinned, but otherwise his response was minimal.

One evening we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant with a teacher he really liked and admired.  His table manners were impeccable!  After dinner, I complimented him on his behavior.  He said, "Ya, I kept hearing you in my head:  "Put your napkin in your lap - sit up straight - don't talk with your mouth full - eat slowly, nobody's going to take your food away, etc. etc. etc."

How's that for impact?  My feet never touched the ground on the way home! 

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