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Join the Email List

Join the orchestra Emerson Campus PTA email list to stay informed on upcoming news and events.

About this Email List

This Email List is for communication between the Music Director, Greg Brucker, and the students and their families participating in the Emerson-DaVinci-Harper Junior High Orchestras program.  The list also serves as the preferred method of communication between the volunteer orchestra boosters of the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association (DSOMA), whose members are families and community supporters of the Junior High Orchestra classes, and the students and families of the Emerson-DaVinci-Harper Orchestra Program.

  • Click Here to send a message. All messages sent to the Email List will be moderated.

Email List Guidelines:

  • Please remember if you want to reply to a message DO NOT PRESS REPLY. SEND MESSAGES DIRECTLY TO THE SENDER.
  • All postings must be relevant to Emerson/DaVinci. If a posting from another member is off topic, do not reply to the Email List with your commentary. If you have a comment to post, e-mail it directly to the sender's address.
  • Be respectful, show consideration to others, and do not use this list for inflammatory purposes. Treat other members on the list as you would want them to treat you.
  • When replying to the Email List, delete all irrelevant information from your e-mail to conserve space.
  • The list administrator reserves)the right to unsubscribe users for administrative and other reasons and to change the technical configuration of this Email List.

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