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Camping Resource Documents

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These documents can be used to develop activities for Scout meetings and outings.

Camping In The Rain
Rainy weather can put a damper on a trip. Learn ways to prepare for rain so it doesn't ruin your trip.
Essential Hiking Equipment
Here is a list of safety and comfort equipment everyone should carry with them during various outings.
If You Get Lost
Getting "disoriented" or separated from your group can be scary and stressful for a scout and an adult. Here is some info about what to do if you find yourself "a little lost."
What To Do When Someone From Your Group Is Missing
A missing Scout is one of the most stressful events for a Scout leader. Here is a plan to help you deal with this crisis.
Introduction To Campfire Safety
Fire building is one of the most essential Scout skills. Check out these ideas for introducing fire safety to you Scouts.
Slide Hill Park Orienteering Course
This document gives some basic information about compass reading. It also lays out a basic orienteering course at Slide Hill Park in Davis.
Sleeping Comfort While You Are Camping
Here is how to get a little better sleep while camping.