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From the Band Director

Welcome Harper's new band director, Nancy Sanchez

Nancy Sanchez 


Nancy Sanchez

I’m Mrs. Sanchez, the Band Director at Harper Junior High School.  I grew up listening to The Monkees and Elton John, and our favorite TV families were The Cartwrights and The Brady Bunch.  Someday, you’ll look back at Lady Gaga and “American Idol” with a nostalgic eye, too!

The Harper Band program is strong and growing, and I’m excited you are a part of it!  Our Boosters do amazing things to support our musical goals, and the administration and staff at Harper are super to work with.

If you are a student, be prepared to do your best and work hard to move our musical team forward.  If you are a parent, we thank you in advance for your guidance and support!

Please keep in touch:





Photo: This is me when I was starting out on my trumpet.  I hope you will feel the same pride I did, to do the best job you can as a musician and be member of a great group of people!








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